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New Arrival Birthing Kit




This set includes everything Mom will need to welcome in her new arrival! You can view ingredients on their specific product pages. Enjoy having no second thoughts about this skincare free of: perfumes, dyes, parabens, synthetic ingredients etc.

1. Birthing Oil: Perfect to use during labor & delivery to help with stretching, reduce chances for tearing, and after delivery to facilitate the healing process (4 oz. bottle)

1. Body butter (Choice of Olive / Tamanu / Rose is extra)-: Perfect for Mama and new baby’s delicate skin, to keep skin moisturized and supple (8 oz. container)

1. Soap Bar: for gentle cleansing (7 oz.)

1. Nursing Balm: To help ease into the transition of nursing (2 oz. jar)

1. Diaper Cream: For protection of baby’s tender bottom (4 oz.)

1. Homeopathic Tablets Arnica: To ease pain and discomfort.

1. Witch Hazel Tuck Pads

*This set is easily customize-able, many options – If you have sensitive gums – add Charcoal tooth powder (activated charcoal toothbrush included) – Or you can add Homeopathic tablets for Hemorrhoids etc…

If you love a relaxing Tea that keeps your Immunity strong – Add our Immune Tee. Let us know if it’s a boy and need Circumcision balm.

Gift wrapping/basket available for additional $10


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