Product Description

Here's our Mommy clients' favorite Booty Balm! This comes in a 8 oz bottle. Perfect and safe for cloth diapering.

I can guarantee this when used together with our chemical free laundry soap. Simply because store bought laundry detergent aside from having undesirable ingredients, leaves a layer of residue on your clothing which only gets worse with prolonged use. Our laundry soap will not do that and is also chemical free, and cloth diaper safe!


  • *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil
  •   Prunus Dulcis (Almond) Oil
  • *Calendula Officinalis
  •   Non-Nano Zinc
  • *Beeswax
  • *Tocopherol ( Vit E )


***Please note - these typically come in 6 oz tubes, I was sent 8 oz tubes by mistake. After these are gone they will be in their regular size 6 oz again, and the price will then be $8***