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Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder




Let’s talk a little about charcoal /teeth today Teeth, along with your tongue, hair, skin, eyes, nails, etc., are outward extensions of your whole self.

That means your inward health determines the strength and integrity, basically the health of your outward extensions

The living portion of each tooth contains nerves, arteries and veins to provide blood supply.

It’s not just important that you eat well, but VITAL, since everything you consume ends up distributed through the entire body including your blood stream.

Your saliva bathes your teeth 24/7 with vital enzyme activity, remineralizing and keeping the integrity of your teeth. I’m trying to stay very simple here… because this can get way more in depth! The only way your saliva gets packed with nutrients and enzymes to assist in maintaining tooth health is by what…Your FOOD!

So…What blocks the saliva from doing its job?

Things like: Fluoride, Glycerin, Triclosan , SLS, Artificial sweeteners / white sugar/ DEA/ Soda Propylene Glycol etc…

The list is quite long these are just a few!

Can you guess where are these found?

In most toothpastes and food! So you see that oral hygiene, skincare and food choices are vital here because it’s all connected.

Ingredients of Charcoal tooth powder: comes in a 1oz glass jar.

Up to 2-month supply for 1 person

· Activated Charcoal

· kaolin clay

. Lemon peel

.Orange peel

· French green clay

· *true birch xylitol

· *Peppermint essential oil.

· *Organic / non gmo

· Activated Charcoal infused toothbrush included

Directions: wet toothbrush, shake off excess water, dip into toothpowder and brush.

Gentle whitening, without the fluorescent glow or tooth sensitivity of chemical / bleach whiteners. This is full of rich minerals from those beautiful clays.

Do what YOU can from the outward perspective to assist your oral health!

*** Brush morning and evening before bed.

Using gentle pressure, polish teeth for at least 3 minutes***


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