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Witch Hazel Extract




Botanical Name:

 Hamamelis virginiana

Origin: USA

Not technically a hydrosol, but an extract. This material is not like commercial witch hazel you find in stores that contain more alcohol that witch hazel.

Ours contains only 14% of organic cane alcohol, making it extremely soothing for skin.

Witch Hazel is multi-use, and a must have in your first aid kit!

Its amazing for cuts, wounds & does wonders for pain as well.

Possibly the strongest anti-oxidant hydrosol.

Reduces redness,rashes,itching, swelling and scaling of skin.

Repairs cracked or blistered skin

Extremely soothing for eczema and psoriasis alone or combined with Yarrow hydrosol for a powerful combo.

Powerful anti-inflammatory, effective on hemorrhoids & varicose veins in a compress.

Combine with Rose hydrsol for a powerful anti-aging duo.

4oz. glass spray bottle. Filled by volume


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