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Whipped Laundry Soap


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***Comes in 1QT glass jar – local pick up only. Store in a cool place, will liquify in warm temperatures***

This is our Whipped Laundry soap – everyone’s favorite – especially our cloth diapering mamas!

It does wonders for tough odors,  works perfectly to get clothes clean, & powerful against stains when paired with our stain stick!

All that’s needed is 1-4 TBLS (30 – 45 loads) depending on load size and how dirty, Perfect for cloth diapers.

This is meant to be thrown on clothes in the washing machine tub, Not to be placed in the dispensing tray.

Low suds – Safe for HE / front loading washers.

Doubles as the perfect cleaning agent to disinfect washing machine tubs.

Just place 1 TBL in an empty washer and run a quick cycle or sanitize cycle if available.

Keep jar covered, prolonged exposure to air will harden the soap.

If that happens, its still fine to use it just won’t be as soft to scoop out.


This soap is free of:

· Sulfates

· Petrochemicals

· Dyes

· Perfume / Fragrance

· Phosphates & EDTA

· 1,4 Dioxane

· Bleach

· Surfactants / Formaldehyde

Comes in 32 oz. Mason jar.


. Aloe Vera

· *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil

· Sodium Hydroxide

· Baking Soda

· *Rosemary / *Lavender / * Sweet Orange essential oil blend

*Indicates Organic



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