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Radiant Roots




This is the Ultimate hair treatment oil!

This Ultimate Hair Elixir is a blend of oils your scalp loves and needs. Massage into roots for 45 minutes once a week. Wash out normally with shampoo & conditioner.

Ingredients: Packaged in 2 oz glass pump bottle

  • *Black seed oil
  • *Amla oil
  • *Castor Oil
  • *Coconut oil
  • *Rosemary extract

Honestly, the oil blend here is a dream team. I wish there were enough space to talk about each oil, so we’ll cover just a little about Black seed oil:

Black seed oil stimulates hair growth and reduces hair loss

Black seed oil has been shown to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth. One study found that a herbal hair blend containing this oil could stop hair fallout completely within 3 months with regular use.

“180 volunteers (90 male and 90 female) were split into three groups to test a) black seed hair oil blend, b) coconut oil only, and c) a control group. Hair fall in the herbal hair oil group decreased to 0% within 90 days. After 30 days, hair loss had reduced to 72%. It was reduced further to 59% after 60 days.”

  • Study(2014) shows black seed + coconut oil promote hair growth
  • Study (2017) black seed oil resulted in 76% reduction in hair fallout.

The Naturopath in me can’t end without saying a few things:

  • This elixir is an amazing topical aid, but you need to identify the internal issue of your hair problem…
  • Healthy hair growth depends on several things like nutrient absorption – make sure you’re able to absorb nutrients properly. This means you need healthy stomach acid.
  • Microbiome imbalances cause nutrient deficiencies – what’s your gut health like?
  • Strong immune system = healthy hair. Regularity T cell (TREGS) generate new hair follicles & hair growth. You need the balance of a calm immune system.

***In Cold months, some sediment may occur, that is normal due to the unrefined black seed oil going solid in cold temperatures. Simply warm the bottle up gently with warm water, and it should completely turn back to liquid again***


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