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Clean Skin

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***Step 1: Massage into face & neck***

Clean Skin is our gentle facial cleanser that doubles as a makeup remover!

packaged in an airless pump bottle-different than pictured, 1 oz Net Wt. Comes in different packaging than what’s pictured


· *Golden Jojoba

· *Sweet Almond

· *Helichrysum Arenarium extract

*Indicates Organic

Do you Oil Cleanse?

Does the sound of that make you panic or give you a queasy feeling in your stomach!? Well don’t panic, I’ve been oil cleansing for the past 10 yrs and it’s the best change I’ve made to my skincare routine EVER!

And here’s why:

* Regulates the skins oil production, as a result reducing – eventually eliminates acne and doesn’t clog pores

*Deep cleans – Binds to the dirt on your face and removes impurities, bacteria and dead skin cells… Umm YES please!

*Can you say the MOST effective yet gentle makeup remover! Leaving no residue, causing no rashes because it’s actually nourishing to your skin.

*Since it doesn’t alter your skins Ph, not only is it Balancing and hydrating, but suitable for ALL skin types – even problem skin

*Anti-aging because the oils are rich in antioxidants and vitamins – even better when infused with beneficial skin loving herbs

*Healthy Glow – Because massaging the oil all over your face, you’re stimulating blood flow via circulation

It’s so simple and calming at the same time. Simply massage over face and neck for a few minutes working it in really well. With a warm wet washcloth, simply wipe off until there’s no more oil on your face… You’ll have a silky soft feel, and beautiful glow.


*** Do not get in eyes***


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