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Essential Oils 101




If you’re ready to dive into essential oils, learn their benefits and have a toxic free home then this class is for you!

Essential oils are complex with such great benefits.

After attending this class, you will be knowledgeable and feel comfortable to make safe decisions

For you and your family regarding effective essential oil usage.

Come ready to learn and have a good time with like-minded individuals that have the same goals.

Capped at 12 students – Food will be provided.

Location Jackson Wyoming

This is a 4-hr. class where you learn:

Essential oil basics

· Overview of how they work in the body

· Distinction between Quality and Purity

· What is a standardization

· Sensitization / allergic reaction

· Phototoxicity

· Safe essential oils chart for children

· Proper storage

· Essential oils Safety Dilution percentages for children and adults

· Best absorption routes

· Is ingestion safe

· Most effective way to use your diffusers

· We will bust common myths about essential oils

· Blending formulas for anxiety, relaxation and more

· Reputable companies to purchase from

· Online resources with effective blends for ailments

· How to make your own all-purpose cleaner using essential oils

· Common things used at home that are toxic and why

· Learn who are the recognized teachers / leaders in the essential oils industry you can trust recommendations from

What you get:

-7 versatile – must have essential oils

– Carrier oil

– Class notes in an organized manual/PDF!





· All this valuable information including my favorite list of top-quality essential oil supplies / providers, systematically organized in a folder for you to use as reference!

If you truly want to:

help others/ your family get the full benefits of essential oils

set yourself apart from other MLM reps

take your knowledge to another level

Then this class is for you, MLM reps welcome.


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