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Advanced Soap Making Boot Camp




Dive deep into the Art of Soap Making with this 2-day Intensive Boot-camp course!

Take your soap making to the next level. Class is 4-5 hrs. both days

Food is provided, please let me know of any allergies.

Day 1: We cover everything in Soap Making 101, then dive into:

· The importance and meaning behind organic, local, wild crafted and non-GMO ingredients.

· Cover additives, tips, techniques and guides for successful formulating.

· Create a formula using a food puree!

· Essential oils, how to anchor them in soap for lasting aroma

Day 2:

· Tips to avoid rancidity

· Step -by-step instructions on how to create the soap we formulated previous day.

· We make 10 lbs. of soap and divide among attendants!

· We will set up a time to meet 2-4 weeks after the cutting to give each participant their soap

Every participant gets a folder with all class information, charts, resources and more neatly organized for reference.

There will be an Adonai Soap gift bag of products for all attendants!



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