We are Jonathan & Ivy Pruss, the blessed parents of Penelope, Ephraim, Syuri and Silas. Adonai Soap was born in 2010 as a result of a search for better skincare options for our son Ephraim's severe eczema. This is a small family business dedicated to using and ethically sourcing Organic, Wild Crafted, Non-GMO, Fair Trade and Local ingredients. We love and support Small Businesses right down to our local Bee Keeper. Adonai Soap offers a product line for the entire family and Educational Classes as well.


  • Jonathan is the deciding factor on all steps taken for the business. As our behind the scenes creative Master Mind, He makes sure things look wonderful ( a gift I do not have!). He's wonderful, my driving force, a great encourager and  always rooting me on! He's TOTALLY good looking... Sometimes I crush on Him too much!


  • I never knew I would fall so deep in love with all things regarding formulating. Through many late nights of research, and lots of trial and error I have formulated all of our products. Being a practicing herbalist for the past 12 years has been emotional, exciting, full of desperation and liberating all at the same time! We are looking to further my education for Master Herbalist and Aroma therapist Certifications. I'm currently working on getting our blog set up too!


  • Our products are made with organic, wild crafted, local, sustainable and non-gmo ingredients. Handcrafted  fresh in small batches and cruelty free! We are dedicated in ethically sourcing our amazing ingredients and making sure Fair Trade is carried out where applicable. We love our Nation, Military and First Responders without a doubt.


  • Our children love to help and be a part of the business whenever possible. They really are the reason for it all, In particular Ephraim. He and our son Silas have the most severe skin condition ( Eczema ) of all 4 my children. Our Neem Collection is named after him!


  • We are currently working on harmonizing and freshening up our labels as well as packaging , so please bare with us through this process! We're hoping to have it finalized quickly.